Oscar Wilde

Pais: Ireland

Ciudad: Dublin

Sobre el autor

Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde 3  ( Dublin ,  Ireland , three  Belonging to the then  UK , 1  October 16  of  1854 - Paris , France ,  November 30  of  1900 ) was a  writer ,  poet  and  playwright Irish . Wilde is Considered one of the foremost playwrights of  London  late Victorian; . Also was a celebrity of the time Because of Its large and sharp wit Today, I is Remembered For His  epigrams , His  plays  and the tragedy of His imprisonment, followed by His early death. They are of prominent Intellectuals Dublin early on acquired fluency in  French  and  German . It PROVED to be a prominent classicist, first at  Trinity College, Dublin  and later at  Magdalen College (Oxford) , Where I graduated with Highest honors in classics, Both called  Mods , Considered traditionally the toughest tests in the world. 4  as in  Greats  ( Literae Humaniores ). n. 2  6  Led by two of His tutors,  Walter Pater  and  John Ruskin , Became Known For His Involvement in the growing  philosophy  of  aestheticism . Also I Explored the deeply  Catholic  -religion Which Became His deathbed. 7  Following His time at university I Moved to London, Where I Moved in the cultural and social circles of fashion. 8  (Wikipedia)  

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