Translator’s Note

        This translation has been made from the text of Le Rouge et le Noir, Chronique du XIXe Siecle texte etabli et annote avec une preface et une bibliographie par Henri Martineau. . . . Editions Bossard, 140 Boulevard Saint–Germain, 140, Paris, 1925. This is a reprint of the first edition; the footnotes, giving the corrections and alterations afterwards made in manuscript by Beyle himself, have been incorporated in the text of the translation, the proofs of which have also been collected with the text edited by M. Jules Marsan and published by M. Edourard Champion.

        Le Rouge et le Noir was first published by A. Levavasseur, Paris, in 1831, in two volumes octavo, and was reprinted in the same year in six volumes 16mo. It has been many times reprinted by different publishers, among the principal editions being the one issued by Alphonse Lemerre in 1886, with a preface by Paul Bourget, and Le Rouge et le Noir, texte etabli et annote avec une introduction historique par Jules Marsan, Preface de Paul Bourget, de l’Academie Francaise Paris, Libraire ancienne Honore Champion, Edouard Champion . . . 5, Quai Malaquais, vie, 1923, 2 vol. in8. This last forms part of the complete and definitive edition in 35 volumes, the first of which appeared in 1912.


C. K. S. M.

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