Ablik is a free eBook library, where writers or publishers can publish their literary creations, sharing them with readers and general the public. It is an alternative for self-publication, and a rich world for lovers of literature.
On Ablik you can publish your own texts, or texts you own copyrights. It is also possible to publish works with expired copyrights. En Europe, the copyrights tipically expire after 70 years, meaning a big part of universal literature has no copyrights in their original language (translations may be subject to copyright if they are recent).
As long as you own the copyright of what you publish, you can set a price to your eBooks and sell them onAblik. You might not intent to sell any classic books with expired copyrights. You are always responsible for whatever you publish.
As publisher/writer, you can choose wether your publications are free, or set a price to them, from 1 to 9 euros. If a reader decides to pay for your work, you will receive 90% of the price you set, directly to your Paypal account (yes, it is necessary to own a Paypal account if you wish to sell). Paypal might also keep a commission on any payment (You can read more about it directly on Paypal´s website).
No, the use of Ablik platform is free, and all writer and reader functions are available when you register.
You must also own rights for any image you publish. There is a lot of free of licence material on the web that you can use, but remember you are responsible for whatever you publish.
Yes, you may create as many writers as you want, and create pseudonyms to publish you works, in the Publish section of your account.
You can upload Ebooks in downloadable formats, that will also be available free or for sale according to your choice.
If you have questions of any sort, write to us via the contact page, we will gladly reply.