Ablik was dreamed to accomplish two goals:

To allow readers free access to Ebooks published by independent writers, as well as classic books of universal literature.
Be a simple alternative for those who want to publish and share their eBooks. And if they choose to sell, the can make some money for the sake of their art.
Search for e-books of different literary genres and writers.
Read free books or the open section of the paid books.
If you like a publication, you can buy it, contributing with the author.

¿What else can you do?

Download free ebooks for readers

Save your favorite ebooks in your personal library

Rate and comment the works you read

Visit the Tertulia, participate of the forums

If you want to give it a go at writing, you have all the necessary tools to publish your eBook

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An easy alternative way to publish eBooks:

Thanks to Ablik you can easily publish your eBooks for free, allowing readers to access your creations. This siter is for you.
Here your e-Books will be visible online in an attractive way, and you can even sell them. Or just publish classic books!
Register and you will have access to easy to use publishing tools.
Press the "Publish" button, and your texts will be shared with “the whole world”...
If you decide to sell them, readers can access the free sections of your books, and if they like them, purchase the whole.

¿What else can you do?

You can upload Ebooks for Readers

You can store, edit and unpublish your books

You can create seudonims, or become an editor

You can send private invitations to your ebooks

You can include images in the books you publish

Your can enjoy all the options of reader account as well

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